Suggestions on liquidation

Hi JustLend Team,

As an active member of the JustLend DAO,I maintain a very low risk value all year round to prevent liquidation. Within my knowledge, liquidation on JustLend is a mechanism designed to safeguard the platform and its users in the event of loan defaults or significant drops in collateral value. However, there is a question always in my mind, which is if everyone can participate in liquidation process, and what the liquidation process is like.

The official doc has very limited information about liquidation process, and I really want to figure this out. So, is it possible that JustLend can provide a more detailed explanation about liquidation process and even frontend functionalities which allowing users to participate in. Looking forward to your reply, thanks.


As far as I know, the liquidation was initiated internally by JustLend Dao. I am also curious about the specific liquidation process and whether outside people can participate in.


I wondered about the same thing.

The liquidation process doesn’t receive enough explanation anywhere and what we usually get are vague principles and nowhere to actually see it happening.

I am not trying to blame the JustLend DAO platform, no lending protocol offer the possibility to actually perform the liquidation process. Compound or AAVE don’t offer that neither.

Nevertheless, it is always a good thing to be more transparent and people would appreciate greater clarity.


It would be great if everyone could participate in the liquidation process! Very decentralized!

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Liquidation Rules this is the rules of liquidation, but the community has also developed a liquidation visualization system, which should be openly recruiting community testers.

please check this, and it is simply tailor-made for you.


Great ! that do help me a lot, amazing featue.