Looking for RC Testers for Risk Alert Feature

Dear Users,

The JustLend DAO risk alert feature is about to launch, and we are excited to invite community members to participate in the RC testing of this feature. You will have the opportunity to experience services such as liquidation alerts for lending markets, energy rental expiry alerts, and JustStable CDP liquidation alerts, helping you control account risk and reduce unnecessary financial losses. Additionally, we have added a history records feature to help you more intuitively trace account operations. This initiative is in response to community demands and aims to further optimize the functionality of JustLend.

How to Apply

Click here to apply and submit your information. We will process your application as soon as possible.

How to Experience

Once your application is approved, we will notify you via email. You can switch to the test version on the official website to experience the new feature. During your usage, welcome to share valuable feedback and suggestions at any time. We value your opinions and will use them to optimize the feature and user experience.

Click here to provide feedback

Join us now to be among the first to experience and contribute to the JustLend DAO risk alert feature! We greatly appreciate your participation.

Thanks for your support!
The JustLend DAO Team

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