[Proposal] CEXs Liquidity Task Force with cede.store

Hey Justlend Community,
Ryan here, BizDev at Cede Labs, a French startup backed by GSR, Stake Capital, and DoraHack.

We have been developing cede.store over the past two years.

This Chrome extension adopts a Metamask-style interface (DeFi UX and non-custodial). However, instead of focusing on managing and tracking on-chain assets, it enables users to manage assets from 10+ CEXs (Binance, Coinbase, OKX, etc).

With cede.store we provide the send feature, that enables dApp users to seamlessly transfer their off-chain assets to an on-chain wallet (e.g., WalletConnect, TronLink, Ledger, …) and invest them on your dApp with just a few clicks.

Think of it as an off/on-ramp solution designed to bring in new liquidity from CEXs.

This feature comes with a widget , facilitating seamless integration into any dApp in less than 5 minutes. We suggest a new dedicated section called ‘Transfer from CEX,’ adjacent to the 'Supply & Borrow" section.

We believe that integrating cede.store will bring benefits:

  • JustLend Users: Have a new way to bring fund on their on-chain wallet so they can use JustLend services (supply, borrow, stake).
  • JustLend dApp : Remove onboarding frictions for your users/new users and leverage their CeFi assets, subsequently boosting your TVL/Volume. It also allows JustLend to keep the onboarding within its dApp and not lose users while they go to a third-party app.

Would you be interested in discussing this further?