Suggestions for adding an alert function

Hi JustLend Team,

I am a frequent user of JustLend Supply & Borrow product, aiming to enhance the efficiency of my on-chain funds utilization. I have gradually increased the proportion of borrowing non-stablecoin assets, resulting in my risk value exceeding 95. Therefore, I have to constantly monitor my account to avoid liquidation due to rapid market fluctuations. In this situation, I would like to inquire whether the JustLend team has plans to provide liquidation alerts for the lending market.

The alert function is crucial in my usage, it can help me better manage my borrowing and lending accounts, control risks on time, and avoid unnecessary losses of my funds. I hope the JustLend team can see this!


Having such a notification feature would greatly enhance our experience and allow us to stay proactive in managing our positions. It would provide peace of mind and ensure that we can take appropriate actions to avoid any potential losses. Great suggestion.

Being someone who has suffered a great loss during liquidation, first of all, I recommend that you keep the risk value below 85 as the market is just too volatile these days.

What you suggest is very urgently needed nowadays; we need mail alerts and browser notifications for price surges, fast changes in borrow rates, risk values, etc.

Totally agree, I also think energy rental should also add this function.

I strongly believe that RiskDAO needs to enhance the protection of user assets and upgrade its platform with new features. Personally, I require a risk alert tool and access to all transaction records associated with my account.

Regarding the risk alert feature:

  1.    Liquidation alert: Various products on your platform carry liquidation risks, such as Supply & Borrow, Energy Rental, and JustStable positions. I am puzzled as to why a risk alert feature is missing to notify me about potential liquidation risks, such as sending email alerts when my position is at risk of liquidation for who knows what reasons.
  2.    Customizable reminders: Introducing customizable parameters for the risk alert tool, such as setting thresholds for token price fluctuations, Energy price changes, APY variations, etc., would be beneficial. This customization would ensure timely notifications about market risks and opportunities.

Regarding transaction records:

  1.    Backtracking:  This can help me track my operations on the platform including transactions and voting records, so I can review their status and other details.
  2.    Liquidation records: Understanding the circumstances leading to liquidation in my account is crucial. Currently, there is no straightforward method to investigate why liquidation occurred and calculate the losses incurred.

These requested features are essential for users like myself. The loss of my $40,000 deposit due to liquidation could have been avoided. Implementing the risk alert system would prevent unwarranted liquidations, a situation that aggravates me the most. At least it would have saved my precious time to search liquidation records from a vast ocean of not so comprehensible data on TronScan, having access to comprehensive transaction records is vital for all users.

I urge you to listen to your audience and prioritize the implementation of these features promptly. Users have been eagerly waiting to receive timely alerts about potential risks.