Try the JustLend DAO App’s new UI for Desktop!

Introducing the brand-new UI for JustLend DAO App for Desktop (Beta version)!

This version brings an overhauled UI and continues to support staple features of JustLend DAO App, including asset supplying, borrowing, withdrawal, repayment, asset position monitoring, and supply APY preview.

Here are some exciting highlights to look out for:

1 - New Market Detail Page with Historical Data

For this version, we designed a new layout for the market detail page with more historical data of the market, including “Supply Info” and “Borrow Info”.

For a detailed user guide on the market page, see here.

2 - Account Status with Better Details

This new version provides a more comprehensive look into your asset portfolio.

After connecting to your wallet, you will see a dashboard with an overview of your account status, including your current risk value, net APY, net worth, total position, and total borrow.

For a more detailed breakdown of your supplied and borrowed assets, click on the “Details” button, and you will see a pop-up menu.

3 - Dark Mode Now Available

This version also added a dark mode feature with slick color palettes for your eye protection. Switch between the light mode and the dark mode with a simple click on the |23.17346239695905x21(when in dark mode) icon, or (when in light mode) icon at the top-right corner.

Please feel free to explore & experience our newest features! Let us know what you think!

For questions or suggestions regarding this new version, feel free to leave a comment in this topic or submit a feedback form here: