Proposal for energy lease gas subsidy

The energy leasing platform has already subsidized 90% of the transaction fees. This proposal is very improved and solves the last concern of leasing energy.
However, there are still some security risks and deficiencies. It is recommended to make the following changes:

  1. The energy in the subsidy part of the energy pool expenditure: the energy consumed by the contract can be paid out through the energy lease pool, and the amount of expenditure is determined according to the usage rate, and the maximum amount of expenditure is set to prevent excessive expenditure;
  2. Prevent malicious transactions: complete the energy lease through other contract calls, the new contract bears the subsidized energy, and only limit the method and amount in the new contract, for example:
    a. Restriction method: lease, lease-out, liquidation method;
    b. Limit the minimum rental amount: energy corresponding to about 5,000 TRX pledged amount;
    c. Rent offset: In order to prevent contract resources from being consumed by block rent refunds, the offset can be set to 10 TRX. When the rent is less than 10 TRX, 10 TRX needs to be deducted.

In this way, the upgrade of the energy lease contract is completed.

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