Suggestion for energy rental prices adjustment


I have been using the energy rental platform through JustLend for several months since it launched. As a developer, I need to deploy contracts and consume energy a lot for each month. This platform does provide me with a lot of convenience. However, renting energy is still a big cost for me. According to my observation through Market Data, we can see there are plenty of available energy for rental on the platform. These idle energy is totally a waste of resource. If the JustLend could lower the energy rental price, more people will come to rent energy, and the idle energy can be used, which will also benefit the development of the platform itself. Therefore, I strongly suggest the JustLend could adjust the price of energy rentals, and make more people use this platform.

A!G!R!E!E! I often purchase energy offline in communities and social applications for airdrop operations, which consumes time and my address privacy. It would be great if JustLend’s energy rental product’s prices would follow the market. I will glad to try.

JustLend’s energy rental price is way too high, but other energy rental platforms often rely on telegram bots, which is quite scary, I trust decentralized smart contracts more than bots from who-knows-where.

When I called “USDD&USDT” related contracts, the consumption of energy resources is always extraordinarily high, leading me to rent energy to avoid burning trx. Although there are official rental platforms available at the moment, I have to say that the official prices are still a bit high, so I have to risk my address exposure by seeking help from third-party energy rental platforms. If the official price can be lowered a bit, even if it is in line with the third party price, I would be happy to use it!