Discussion on rent energy for others

Hi, I‘ve been using the Energy Rental platform for several months. Compared with other platforms, the JustLend energy rental platform is convenient and safer to use. But I also encountered a problem, that is, the energy can only rent to one address in one account. I wonder if it is possible that I can rent energy for other addresses. In other words, I can use one account to rent energy to multiple other accounts. If this feature can be implemented, that will be cool. Looking forward to more discussion.

IIRC JustLend’s energy rental platform operates through smart contracts, don’t know if it includes this feature or not, if not, it would be very difficult to modify something already deployed on the chain.

My guess is that it supports renting energy to other accounts, hope it does.

Um,I’ve run into this problem as well. I often use two wallet addresses for different types of operations. Since pledging takes 14 days to unlock, I tend to use energy leasing, but since there’s no ability to lease for someone else, I have to go through the amount the lease will cost me and then transfer such an amount of TRX to one of the addresses. the experience is not very user friendly!

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Completely agree!!!
I have 6 addresses at least which need to rent energy for reducing transaction costs. But not every address have TRX token.
If one address can be used to unify the energy management of all addresses. That would be a great thing. I
want to be the first one to try it

I always find energySellers to help me. If Justlend has this function, it will help me a lot.

Great idea, at least i don’t need worry about the expired time for energy rental in so many account any more, LOL.

Strongly recommend this idea!

Cool! Come and rent it, everyone!

Thank you for choosing JustLend DAO. We appreciate you taking the time to review our platform.
We will consider your suggestion carefully. Also, JustLend DAO is going to launch a new verson of “Energy Rental”, please stay tuned.