Hope to upgrade Energy Rental

Hi, I’ve been using your Energy Rental and here are some problems I’ve met:

  1. I don’t get why I have to burn my own Energy to rent Energy in your platform. And if my Energy is insufficient, my TRX will be burned!
  2. The hints and notes are not obvious enough. I always forget to end my rental.
  3. Your payment calculation is also confusing. I always fail to know how much TRX I have to pay.
  4. I have to get extra TRX to pay your security deposit. But it is always returned after the rental, and I have nothing else to do with it.

When I use other platforms, I don’t need to burn my Energy or pay extra deposit. They are very simple to use. But I know you are better and more secure. Hope you can fix the problems soon.


Thanks for your suggestion,the following is a reply based on your situation, hope it can help you.

  1. Different from other platform’s mechanisms, the JustLend DAO energy rental platform is a decentralized rental platform based on smart contracts. All rent-related operations are completed by calling smart contracts. According to the Resource Model of the TRON network, all contract transactions need to consume a certain amount of energy or burn TRX to pay the energy cost (gas fee). In order to lower transaction costs for users, JustLend DAO has launched the discount of transaction fee activity. Users who rent and repay energy through the energy rental platform will enjoy a fee discount of up to 90%. For details, please refer to “Discount Program for Energy Rental on JustLend DAO”.

  2. Based on user experience feedback, JustLend DAO will continue to improve related functions, such as the Rental Expiration Notification function. Stay tuned for further announcements.

  3. The payment of energy rental mainly includes two parts: the first part is the cost of energy rental, which are Prepaid Rent and Security Deposit. For specific calculation rules, refer to “Energy Rental”. The second part is the transaction fee, which will be displayed when signing the transaction contract. For specific calculation rules, please refer to “Resource Model”. Also, it is recommended to end the rent immediately once the energy rental is used up, so that part of the rent can be returned.

  4. In order to ensure the safety and health of the energy rental platform, users need to pay a certain security deposit when renting energy, and the security deposit can be fully returned. However, there are three situations where part of the security deposit may be deducted. For specific rules, please refer to “Energy Rental”. In addition, we will consider your suggestion and make corresponding adjustments to the security deposit in the future.

Thank you again for your suggestions. JustLend DAO will continue to track our users’ feedback and make optimizations for related issues. You are welcomed to follow up our further announcements.

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Energy Rental really need to update user expernance, please