Discussion on USDC market

Hi JustLend Team,

I have some USDC staked on JustLend, but as far as I know, USDC does not support the Tron network. I am concerned that there may be risks associated with USDC due to some of its policies. Therefore, I would like to know what JustLend plans to do with USDC in the future.

It is important for JustLend to address this issue and provide clarity on how they plan to handle USDC on their platform. This will help users like me make informed decisions about our assets and ensure the safety of our investments. I hope that JustLend will communicate their plans for USDC soon to alleviate any concerns that users may have.

I have the same concerns about potential policy risks associated with USDC. It is crucial for the platform to address these risks promptly and provide clarity on how they plan to mitigate any potential issues related to USDC policies.

Official statement from Circle on this matter:

Looks like we have less than 1 year to withdraw USDC from TRON to other blockchains, JustLend needs to provide a plan on how to handle this matter and what it will do if USDC borrowers refuse to repay their debts before it’s too late.

Don’t worry. JustLend suspended the USDC market one year ago since the volatility of the USDC. I believe they do monitor the market and will handle this issue.

Agree!Looking forward to hearing updates from Justlend on their approach to managing policy risks associated with USDC.Transparency and proactive measures are essential in maintaining trust and security within the platform.