Discussion about interest rate structure

Hey JustLend Team,

As a user of JustLend, I’m somewhat disappointed with the current long-term staking yields. I feel that the current rates are unacceptably low and unattractive. For instance, the USDT supply interest on AAVE stands at 10%, while it’s only 1.25% on JustLend. I sincerely hope that the team will carefully review and adjust the interest rate structure to improve user yields. This adjustment will enhance the project’s competitiveness.

please raise the supply APY to industry average level, its a win-win for both user and platform.

Completely agree!we want to receive higher yields to incentivize our participation in the project and contribution of our funds. If the interest rates are too low, we may choose to move our funds to other more attractive projects, which could impact the development of the project.

On the other hand, for borrowers of stablecoins, JustLend is an ideal place to profit from those low interest rates. LOL