[Proposal] Add HT (Huobi Token) asset to JustLend

Hi guys,

Sun and his team :smirk:

Let’s add HT (Huobi Token) to JustLend.

Supply and Borrow, it will give activity and significance to the currency.

Consider my offer :sunglasses:


BelarusOK :belarus:


I think need to update a new HT token on TRON, Remove the tokens held by Li Lin’s board of directors from Old-HUOBI


Have you regarded at the proposal?
LTV for example 50% or 60% (better).

Restart HT.
Swap HTOLD on Huobi or on SUN Swap.

Collateral Factor: 75%
HTX let’s do it :innocent:

From now on, I do not think that is a good idea.