JustLend DAO Testnet is officially launched

JustLend DAO Testnet (based on the TRON Nile Testnet) has officially been launched. The URL is https://nile.justlend.org/. Users can try out the newly released TRX Liquid Staking and Energy Rental features on JustLend DAO Testnet. All important modifications, like with other Testnets, will be deployed here first to better help developers and projects integrate and keep up with on JustLend DAO’s latest features.

For JustLend DAO users, JustLend DAO Testnet provides the opportunity to test and experience the JustLend DAO platform, while helping users to better understand the features of JustLend DAO without posing any risk to real assets.

For JustLend DAO developers, JustLend DAO Testnet provides a risk-free, 0-cost testing platform to conduct development more efficiently.

Meanwhile, JustLend DAO Testnet can also make the platform itself more user-friendly, secure and reliable through user feedback. This will improve user experience and help the community grow.

Features for testing on the JustLend DAO Testnet

TRX Liquid Staking and Energy Rental features are currently being tested on the JustLend DAO Testnet. Stay tuned for future announcements as the features will be available on the Mainnet soon. Please also look out for future Supply and Borrow feature updates.

TRX Liquid Staking

Based on Stake 2.0, with TRX Liquid Staking, users can stake TRX to get sTRX tokens and gain high rewards. Compared to traditional staking, TRX Liquid Staking is easier to use and more profitable. Staked TRX will be used automatically for voting and governance, and gain rewards via Energy Rental. For details, see Announcement on Release of TRX Liquid Staking on JustLend DAO Testnet.

Energy Rental

With Energy Rental, users can easily rent Energy on the JustLend DAO Testnet with only a few clicks. Compared with obtaining Energy through staking (Stake 1.0) or burning TRX, Energy Rental enables users to rent Energy anytime at a much lower price. The rental can be ended anytime as wanted. For details, see Announcement on Release of Energy Rental on JustLend DAO Testnet.

How to start testing on JustLend DAO Testnet

Before testing, enter the Testnet at http://nile.justlend.org/ and connect to your wallet. Please ensure that your wallet network is switched to TRON Nile Testnet and that you have TestNet TRX in your wallet. If not, you can get TestNet TRX from the faucet here.

(Note: At this time, the Nile TestNet faucet does not support TRC20 test tokens other than TRX. If you need to test other TRC20 tokens, you can supply the received TestNet TRX. Then, you can borrow other TRC20 tokens for testing.)

Once the above prerequisites are met, you can experience the news features on JustLend DAO Testnet. For details on how to use JustLend DAO, please refer to the following links:

JustLend DAO is committed to sustainable development and improvement of user experience. With the Testnet, we hope to cultivate collaboration and open communication between developers and users, and we welcome the community to actively participate. For ideas on new features and future changes, or if you encounter any problems when testing on JustLend DAO Testnet, please don’t hesitate to fill out a Feedback Form or leave a comment under this post. We would like to hear your feedback!

For the latest news on JustLend DAO and to connect with the developer community:

We thank you for your support.