TRX Liquid Staking

1. What is TRX liquid staking?

JustLend DAO has released a Stake 2.0-based new feature named “TRX Liquid Staking”, with which users can get sTRX tokens and earn high rewards by staking TRX.

2. How is it different from traditional staking?

In traditional staking, you need to take actions such as staking, voting, and claiming before you can gain voting rewards, with no profit from Energy Rental. In TRX Liquid Staking, however, the platform will automatically earn rewards for you by voting with your staked TRX and renting your Energy, which offers higher rewards and makes staking much easier.

3. What is sTRX?

sTRX is a yield-bearing token provided by JustLend DAO based on TRX Liquid Staking. You can obtain sTRX by staking TRX on JustLend DAO, and holding sTRX will earn you rewards.

Rewards from liquid staking consist of two parts:

  • TRON Power obtained from the TRX staked on TRON are voted for Super Representatives (SRs) to earn voting rewards for users.

  • Energy obtained from the TRX staked on TRON are rented to earn rent for users.

As the voting rewards and rent accrue, the exchange rate of TRX to sTRXYou can unstake TRX at any time to swap sTRX back for TRX. This can also be done through decentralized exchanges like SunSwap or centralized exchanges like Huobi.

Different from the conventional way of staking which only generates rewards on staked assets, TRX liquid staking provides users with both staking rewards and liquidity, increasing the flexibility and efficiency of funds. will increase accordingly, thus increasing your total yields.

For more details, refer to the JustLend DAO Official Doc.