Price discrepancy between ETHOLD and ETH

Hi guys,

I recently observed a significant price discrepancy between ETHOLD and ETH on the JustLend platform. When the price of ETHOLD is displayed as around $3800, the price of ETH is only around $3500. This discrepancy may pose a risk of arbitrage by users or even be exploited by hackers. As a user, this makes me feel very worried, and I hope the platform could provide a reasonable explanation, thanks.

It’s been sticking to the $3800 mark for quite a long time, now it dropped to $3500, but you can buy ETHOLD at around $2,400 in SunSwap, so I would call it a total mess

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It is indeed dangerous and I hope the community will address it soon. Even I hope it will be possible to downgrade this marketplace.

I have previously noticed that the current conditions surrounding ETHOLD present considerable risks. To mitigate these risks, I recommend that the platform reduces the collateral factor for the ETHOLD market. Lowering the collateral factor will help to fortify the platform against potential vulnerabilities.

Additionally, I believe it is crucial for the platform to adjust its price feeding strategy. Providing accurate and reasonable price feeds will play a significant role in maintaining the stability and reliability of the platform.


I also noticed the problem of ETHOLD. I proposed to reduce the collateralFactor of ETHOLD to ensure the safety of my ASSET on the JustLend.
As for the pricefeed of ETHOLD, it is recommended to distinguish it from ETH and provide a reasonable price!
It is recommended to initiate a proposal to reduce the collateralFactor of ETHOLD immediately

Hi everyone, sorry to ask direct question, how can i convert ETHOLD to ETH

Please help , my risk factor is already 80%

You can follow Poloniex rules to convert it, or exchange it on DEXs like SUN.IO.

poloniex has disabled it deposit and i am loosing my 50% by swapping on sun swap. please help to tell poloniex to enable deposit